Jonathan Bousquet

Saxophonist - Educator

                UPCOMING SHows                                      

april 25th - w/over the bridge@minglewood tavern/gloucester ma (9pm-12am)

april 26th - w/donktet@the barrelman/marblehead ma (9pm-12am)

april 27th - w/the donktet@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

april 28th - w/jumpin’ java trio@trina’s starlite lounge/amesbury ma (11am-2pm)

may 3rd - w/krewe de groove@opus underground/salem ma (9pm-12am)

may 9th - bousquet/aiken duo@andiamo restaurant/newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

may 11th - w/dubboat@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

may 17th - w/donktet@bonefish harry’s/lynn ma (9pm-12am)

may 18th - w/the dubtone all-stars@mercry tavern/salem ma (9pm-12am)

may 24th - Bousquet/mendonca duo@commune cafe/newburyport ma (8pm-9:30pm)

may 25th - w/krewe de groove@chianti jazz lounge/beverly ma (9pm-12am)

may 27th - w/hot tamala brass band/tewksbury ma (10am)

may 31st - w/krewe de groove@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

june 6th - bousquet/aiken duo@andiamo restaurant+bar/Newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

june 8th - w/blair leavitt@Brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

june 14th - w/krewe de groove@the press room/portmouth nh (9pm-12am)

june 20th - bousquet/aiken duo@andiamo restaurant+bar/newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

june 21st - w/adam mendonca duo@newburyport brewing co./newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

june 22nd - private party/marblehead ma

june 29th - w/the donktet@the grog/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

july 12th - w/over the bridge@new world tavern/plymouth ma (9pm-12am)

july 13th - w/over the bridge@minglewood tavern/gloucetser ma (9pm-12am)

July 19th - w/the donktet@wicks/marblehead ma (9pm-12am)

july 25th - w/the dubtone all-stars@mahi cruise/salem ma (7pm-9:30pm)

july 27th - w/over the bridge@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

august 1st - bousquet/aiken duo@andiamo restaurant+bar/newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

august 3rd - w/blair leavitt@mercy tavern/salem ma (9pm-12am)

august 9th - trio+one@newburyport brewing co./newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

august 15th - w/krewe de groove@mahi cruise/salem ma (9pm)

august 17th - w/krewe de groove@chianti jazz lounge/beverly ma (9pm-12am)

august 22nd - bousquet/aiken duo@andiamo restaurant+bar/newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

august 24th - w/krewe de groove@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

august 31st - w/blair leavitt@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

september 14th - private event

september 26th - trio+one@newburyport brewing co./newburyport ma (6pm-9pm)

september 27th - w/dubboat@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

september 28th - w/blair leavitt@brick&ash/Newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

october 11th - w/dubboat@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)

october 12th - w/over the bridge@brick&ash/newburyport ma (9pm-12am)